Adik Prabowo Dwi Subekti, 13144700028 (2017) USING WORDGRAM TO IMPROVE STUDENT’S ABILITY IN MAKING SENTENCE (Experimental Research). Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta.

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English is important in globalization era as a means of communication. It is almost impossible to communicate with other country if someone could not speak English. Being the most spoken languages across the world makes it important for students to learn it well. To be able to use English properly student should understand English grammar. This research conducted in order to find the effectiveness of media that researcher invented. Wordgram was expected to be able to help student understanding English grammar better than before. This study is a quantitative that using pre-test and post-test to gather data. The study conducted in University PGRI of Yogyakarta and English Education students academic year 2017-2018 were used as research subjects. Students divided into two groups and one of which was treated using Wordgram. The mean score of post-test results were compared using t-test to find out the significant difference before and after treatment. This significance determined the effectiveness of Wordgram in improving the student’s ability in making grammatical sentence. The result of this research proven that Wordgram is effective in improving the student’s ability in making grammatical sentences. During treatment, researcher observed that there is no significant difficulty in using Wordgram since students’ enthusiasm towards Wordgram is more than researcher expected to be. Students were curious and challenged by the game mechanic who makes them interested more and more about Wordgram. This enthusiasm itself reassures researcher that in the future Wordgram can be a good medium in teaching grammar structures especially in making grammatical sentences.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Wordgram, English Grammar, Student’s ability, grammatical sentence
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