Sri Wiyanah, FKIP Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta (2015) IMPROVING LISTENING SKILL USING PODCAST FOR ENGLISH DEPARTMENT STUDENTS OF UPY. In: Seminar Nasional Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta.

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The study is about to improve the students listening skill by uisng podcast as one of material sources taken from the internet. The objective of this study are to identify some steps that are going to be implemented in teaching listening using podcast to improve the students’ listening skill of English Department students of UPY, and to describe the improvement of students listening ability using podcast in their learning. This research is an Action Research. There were three cyles in this research. Every cycle consists of planning, action, obervation and reflection. The participants are the fourth semester students of Englisg eductaion Program of UPY. There are two kinds of data in this research. They are quantitative and qualitative data. In this classroom action research, the qualitative data are taken from the result of observation, interview, and questionnaire done by teacher and collaborator while the action is being carried out. Meanwhile, the quantitative data are taken form test. In the first one the researcher gives pre-test and at the end of the lesson the researcher gives post-test in order to know whether podcast can improve the students’ skill in listening. The result is then analyzed using descriptive statistics to know the difference of scores before and after the cycle. The result of the research showed that t applying top-up and bottom up strategis and another approach to incorporating listening strategies in a listening lesson involves a cycle of activities as steps in guided metacognitive sequence in a listening lesson, i.e.: Pre-listening activity, First listen, and Pair process-based discussion using materials sources from podcast were effective and improved the students’ listening skill. It could be seen from the average of result of their pre test, post test I dan post test II that significatly increased. Meanwhile, the dialogue and story from podcast were able to help them in developing their skill in listening to the native speakers’ sound by knowing the correct pronunciation, writing, and knowing various vocabularies. By studying in groups, the students could study better because they could share their knowledge without feeling afraid of making mistakes in re-telling what they have listened. They also felt happy in learning using podcast.

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