POLA MIGRASI BAHASA MELAYU DI NUSANTARA1 (Malay Language Migration Patterns in Nusantara)

Elsa Putri E. Syafril, PIPS Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta (2012) POLA MIGRASI BAHASA MELAYU DI NUSANTARA1 (Malay Language Migration Patterns in Nusantara). In: KOLITA 10, Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya.


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Out of Taiwan Theory as BMy’s homeland around 4000 years ago has been opposed by DNA experts from Oxford and Leeds University. They prove that human migration was occured from Sundaland, so BMy’s homeland is Sundaland (related to Oppenheimer’s Out of Sundaland Theory) to Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Java through coastal and river to the land. The next migration is from those lands, related to Adelaar’s study (combining linguistics and genetics): southeastern Kalimantan as the origin of Malay lexicon spread, from Banjar, Dayak Ngaju, Southern Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra, to Madagascar. The following migration makes BMy as a lingua franca for inter-ethnic in some importance ports in Nusantara that most close-related to the interests of trade. The liable developed of BMy migration patterns in coastal areas with commercial interests background has made BMy known as Malay "pasar" or "bazaar". Its characteristics: egalitarian, flexible, open lexicon, loose codification so easily changed, some reduction words and sentences of a particular languages (reduced), and reunites various nationalities and languages ​​(mixture) in Nusantara. Interesting casuistic happened on Sawahlunto Tansi language (BT) (Syafril, 2011) which was born in remote area of West Sumatra with mine labor background. BT is a creole language, mixture of 10 languages of various origin languages ​​of coal miners (in colonial times) who lived in prisons and Tansi in Sawahlunto. This research aimed to explain the migration patterns of BMy in Nusantara. The method of this research is a qualitative. Research data divided into: linguistics (socio-anthropological linguistics aspects) data and historical (archaeology), molecular biology (DNA), geology, and biogeography data that obtained by finding, noting, and reduplicating written data sources. From this research obtained that BMy migration patterns is not just occur in coastal areas but also in remote areas.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Out of Sundaland Theory, socio-anthropological linguistics, Malay language (BMy), Tansi language (BT) in Sawahlunto, pidgin and creole language
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