Prof. Dr. Buchory MS., M.Pd., Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta (2013) PREPARING COMPETITIVE AN INDONESIAN CHARACTERED GRADUATES (AN ACADEMIC CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE). In: International Seminar : Revitalizing Sustainable Developing in New Era Prespective of Social Science, Semarang State University.


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The character education model book in preparing competitive and Indonesian-charactered graduates is written as the guidance for the PGRI University of Yogyakarta (UPY) academic members to prepare Indonesian-charactered and —personalized competitive graduates, and to contribute thoughts for the character education in Indonesia. The writing method is conducted by identifying, collecting, developing the best practice model for developing common perception and motivating the character education development at UPY environment. The SWOT analysis shows that the strengths of UPY, among others, involve the direct implementation of character education through MPK subject and its integration into some subjects, extracurricular activities, campus culture development, and factual condition in terms of relatively-easy development of students' character. The weakness refers to less optimal process of character education. The opportunity is the wide open possibility in optimizing academic culture-based character education implementation. The threats encountered include the environmental influences, the effects of consumerism life style, communication, and information, which do not provide educating model. The SWOT analysis result turns out to be important information and feedback in developing character education implementation at UPY. The implementation is conducted by adopting comprehensive approach through MPK that is integrated in teaching learning activities, extra¬curricular activities, and campus culture development. The character education development is based on the values stated in the vision, mission, goal, and motto of UPY.The key values developed in the character education at UPY is summarized in the "KARAKTERKU"accronym. The success indicator developed becomes the foundation of character education evaluation implementation with educators, administrative staffs, and students as targets. Evaluation is performed through tests and non-tests, including formative test, summative test, portfolio, questionnaires, check list, sarasehan (sharing), and angkringan demokrasi (democratic informal discussion) as the communication means of UPY university members.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: competitive graduates, Indonesian-charactered, academic culture
Subjects: Pendidikan > Etika Pendidikan; pendidikan karakter, budi pekerti, moral
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